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Why You Do What You Do?

We have answers to questions like ‘what we are doing’ and sometimes also to ‘how we are going to accomplish it’ but when the time comes to know ‘why we are doing what we are doing’ the answer is a bit shaky.

There is something which is so powerful to understand that it is not the motivation that lasts, it is your inner drive, your inner urge to keep going is what lasts. Something which can make you jump out of the bed in the morning and the answer to that question can never be ‘what’ it can only be ‘why’, knowing your ‘what’ is necessary but it is your ‘why’ that will keep you going.

There is a complete package of answers you get when you answer your ‘why’, simply answer ‘why you do what you do’ and it will bring a clear sense of the purpose of what you want to serve in life, knowing what is your purpose in life is, can be really crucial as that generates your drive and passion to keep going after it even when you fail.

It’s amazing to see how everyone can give you a piece of advice to read which book, all they do is giving the names of the books to read. That completes the ‘What to read’?’ part, but I have always wondered why no one gives the advice of ‘Why to read books’ and this demotivates most of the people.

Simon Sinek in his book ‘Start with WHY’ wrote it best ‘People don’t buy WHAT you do, people buy WHY you do it.

We spend thousands of dollars knowing what to study in universities, maybe because our friends are taking up those courses or you have no idea WHY you are taking those courses.

do what you love

Know that success is a journey, it is different for everyone, you don’t get success by following anyone, read more about success, click here.

Show me why you’re doing what you are doing and I will be more interested in the conversation because it’s easy to know what to do but to prove it why you need to do what you want to do requires genuine efforts.

For some as seen WHY maybe-

  • Happiness
  • Purpose of life
  • Fame
  • Sense of importance
  • Money
  • Love

and the list can go on forever, whatever your WHY is, keep working for it.


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