What Is Your Obsession?

Obsession is a very simple word, but often used in a wrong sense, we hear that you’re obsessed with your cell-phone or computer or something in this sense only. So, what is the good sense that I’m talking about? When someone says you’re obsessed with yourself, my first reaction is ‘ what is wrong with that’? Not that I am obsessed with my hairstyle, my looks or just, in particular, my appearance, there is nothing wrong with that, but too much of it is obviously bad. Anyway, the point I want to make here is ‘Be Obsessed’.

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Be obsessed with anything like:

  • Yourself
  • Your work-ethic
  • With what you’re doing
  • Late nights, early mornings
  • Success

Now, what do I exactly mean here?

Obsession can make an 18-hour day seem easy. Obsession can be your fuel. Obstacles do not stop you, but it is your obsession for finding solutions to a problem that matters.

Now, we all have some dreams, some goals, some aspirations that we want to achieve, right? But in the process, we get a bit lost or get switched off when we are feeling bad, that’s when the role of obsession becomes crucial. You have to ask yourself, what are you obsessed about? Because if that question is answered there is nothing that you have to be worried about, you will find that energy to gain momentum again.

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It is only a matter of time that people find their passion and get truly obsessed with it. That energy hits you and you get unstoppable and the reason is your obsession, even when you find struggles on the way, which you will, you get obsessed with finding solutions.

Most of us know, what we are doing and for some lucky among us, that is their passion as well, but I believe in being obsessed with what you’re doing.

When your passion will be having a rest day, obsession will get you through.

Are you obsessed enough? Are you obsessed with what you’re doing with your life? Are you obsessed enough to find a solution to every problem that you will face?

What are you obsessed with?

Let us know in the comments.

Obsession passion motivation everyday

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