What is Happiness and Why is it Important?

Happiness, an elusive state in which people have finally started to care about over other desirable personal outcomes such as being rich or getting into heaven, but do we really know what happiness is, if the answer is yes, do we know how to attain it and retain it? Can a person be happy always? In the midst of such a chaotic world and such a pacy world we even forget to have our lunch, it is easy to get caught up and forget about the things that really matter to us. So, let’s see how ‘happiness’ works.

Being happy doesn’t mean you will always feel good.

If feeling good was the only requirement for being happy then a person who does drugs would be the happiest person alive, but it just doesn’t work that way. Happiness is a choice, I’ve seen a lot of people with a terrible past, but instead of dwelling on it, they are happy, because they choose to be happy. Happy people compromise with their past and doesn’t keep flipping the old pages of their life. Even if it is just not for the past, accept the situation you’re in and be an optimist about it and work on it, stop playing the blame game, it just doesn’t work anymore.

Happy people don’t seek validation.

This is a good one, I saw a post the other day on Instagram, where a person says,” I built this amazing self-esteem” and the next line was ‘great, let’s compare it with the amazing internet’. Really it kills me to see how people are looking for approvals, whether it’s online or from the people around them, because if they don’t like you then ‘who will?’ If they don’t accept you then ‘who will?’
I’m going to say this, whether other people like you or not, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is the path that you’re walking on should feel the best, not to them, but to you. Stop letting social media consume you.

be happy be flawsome motivation everyday

Things won’t always go your way.

“When things are going bad, there’s going to be some good that’s going to come from it.”

Jocko Willink

Unexpected problems will always be there and your job is to find a solution to them, always. Don’t focus on what you cannot control, keep your focus on what is there that you can control, accept responsibility for the mistakes that you’ve made, and just keep moving forward, don’t repeat them.

If you’ll shy away from a change, chances are that you’re preventing growth, growth comes from the change, don’t fight a losing battle, change is inevitable. However, sometimes you will have to change the way you’re looking at things.

So what is happiness anyway?

Well, happiness is everywhere. We only have to look.  For me, it is in all the little things.  Looking at an old photo album with my family, singing songs, trying a new recipe, a coffee with my friend, walking on the terrace, writing this blog …
You define happiness for yourself and work towards it, you don’t find it in materialistic items, being rich might mean happiness to you, but what’s all the money when you spend your time all alone? When you’ll be all alone at the end of your life, you won’t reminisce about all the money that you accumulated, but the moments that you shared with your dearest ones.

Make a life, give more than you take, spread a smile, you don’t need to make your presence felt just do enough to make your absence felt. Of course, there will be painful moments, you will get hurt, tears on your shirt is inevitable, I guess, that’s what finding happiness means, I mean, you never really know what’s all the brightness is about when you have never really been in the darkness.

Friends can have a huge influence on your state of mind, good friends are like stars. To read more on ‘How friends can change your life’, click here.

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