Importance of Faith in Life

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

Thomas Aquinas

Pain is always there, life is freakin’ painful, we fail, we break, we shake and it’s easy for us to lose our faith in these moments. The majority of people live their lives as if it’s a horror story, a nightmare, don’t be in that majority.

Dealing with the tragedies of life and keeping your faith intact are two different things really, when it gets foggy in life, faith is the compass that should be defining your mind.

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Faith is the key to eternal happiness

Do you believe in God? Some of you may not, but most of you must be believing in God. Well, we all work in life and try to accomplish our natural best in any given task, but what do we say at the end? I leave the rest to God.

Instead of whining and crying about what has happened and what may happen, you must keep faith in God’s will, not to say that you should not be working, work, do your best always, but the final outcome is never in your hand. Our job is to work, outcome is never in our hands.

Whenever we buckle up for any trip by bus, by car, by train, by plane or by any other mode, it is our faith that keeps gives the hope that we will reach there safely.

‘Keeping Faith in God’s will’ this message will lead to increased happiness in your life. 

Have faith motivation everyday

Delayed Gratification

We plant trees from which we may never eat fruits. However, we should always keep planting trees.

Let me explain, here is a famous parable: Once a traveler came across an old woman who was stooped over what appeared to be thin sticks. He asked the woman what she was doing.

“I am planting orange trees,” she explained.

The traveler thought this was a waste of her time.

“Why do you bother?” he asked. “You are an old woman. These saplings will take years before they will be old enough to bear fruit. You will be long gone by then.”

“True enough,” she answered. “But I don’t plant these trees for myself but for those who will come after me, just as those before me planted the trees that bear the fruit that I eat today.”

It is her faith that this sapling will grow into a tree full of fruits, it was the faith of the people who planted trees for us in the past.

In this world where everything is available at the click of a button, believe in delayed gratification.

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Love does not happen overnight, you will not find the perfect job at first, success is not a one-day thing, you don’t get fit in 24 hours and a lot more.

You fight hard every day to stay in love, make little things count; don’t quit because it’s not working out at first, learn something along the way; have faith in yourself and everything which is not making sense, you will be able to connect the dots later; don’t fall in the trap of everything which is on your screen, it’s not true.

What we’re looking at is the glittering tip of the mountain, at the same time, we’re missing to look at the climb to reach that glittering tip. Similarly, we always are looking at the results of the journeys even when we’re not prepared for them.

Always keep faith

Without faith, we couldn’t expect that things would turn out all right for us no matter what the situation might be.

Unexpected Results

Faith is the only thing that can nourish your soul and heart. Don’t underestimate the power of faith, you can move mountains when you have faith.

Michael Jordan wouldn’t have been Michael Jordan if he didn’t have faith in his abilities even when he was not selected in his high school basketball team.

Worrying is mainstream anything that you’re going through is something which all human beings go through at some point in their lives, you can let it destroy you or you can let it define you, the choice is yours.

However, keeping faith in those situations will give you that required strength, because worrying is not going to solve your problems, but doing something about it and keeping faith that it’s going to be fine will help you.

We all have a purpose in life and any problems which you’re dealing with in life right now have absolutely no power to control you until you let it control you.

Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty and always remember that worrying will not help you, but faith will.

Here is my answer to the purpose of life.

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