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How To Unlock Your Greatness?

The suggestions out there to “Unlock your Greatness” are ranging from meditation to eliminating distractions, you’ve heard all of it a lot, right? How efficient are those practices? Are we willing to make sacrifices for our greatness? The list of questions is really endless and the time to search for these answers is limited.

Let’s make it simple.

Answer some of the most basic questions, Why are you doing what you’re doing? What are you getting into? How valuable is it for you? What are the deadlines?

Once you know the deadlines and that your time here is limited, you can start building up your way to getting the crucial tasks done. As human nature, we tend to procrastinate our work to the very end of the deadline and that do us nothing good.

Scientifically, it is said that it takes more than 60 days for a human brain to adapt something as a habit, what’s the rush then? Why don’t we give ourselves some time?

find yourself be that

What’s the rush?

As mentioned, it takes more than 60 days to form a new habit. Why would you rush then? Why would you tag yourself by saying, you’re not making an impact?

Affirmations, repeat some affirmations before you jump into some work, and right after you wake up, believe that this day is a blessing and you can make an impact. I’m blessed, I’m strong are some for example. Aren’t you happy that you have the most beautiful gift? What is it? Life. Why would you want to live it living someone else’s dreams? Live your life on a purpose. I started counting my blessings and I found out its the only way to be happy always, no matter the situation, you can always count your blessings.

Being happy always, unlocks greatness for you, you start treating people better, you have a smile on your face and make no mistake smile is contagious, people would love to be around a smiling face and you will have that ability to see good in everything, even when everything around you will be falling apart, you will say good, let’s build again and build better.

be everything greatness

How many examples do you need?

What I mean to say here is that Michael Jordan could not make to his basketball team in high school, now he doesn’t need an introduction. Walt Disney, Stephen King, Bill Gates, and their lists of failures is very long, how many examples do you need? You need to understand the importance of failure in life, now, I don’t know what you’re working for, however, the thing that you want is worth fighting for, you’re gonna see carcasses all over the place those are the people who gave up on their journey, are you one of them?

You’re here to write your own story, don’t copy, don’t cheat, do whatever it takes, and you’ll be standing in the hall of fame.

unlock your greatness

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