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Words, words, words, they say words have a lot of power and I do believe in this quote, that’s why we read and write as well, but what are great people known for? Only words? Sure, they are known for their words, but they have one extra quality that we often miss to look at. What is that? They commit more to their words, they take action, they have courage enough, determined enough, to take action against what they say.

How many times does this happen, you say something and you set deadlines but still, you don’t meet your expectations?

Sometimes, these affirmations become a point of embarrassment for us.

How do you avoid these moments? Well, my point is simple LESS TALKING, MORE ACTION.

your words matter communicate motivation everyday

Yes, words and opinions can change the world, but you will have to take massive action for your words to come true.

Spend less time talking about it, more time trying to perfect it. The people who just keep talking and talking about what they wanna achieve by the end of this month, this year, this decade and so on, I call them ‘Talk Dreamers.’ They live in their own world, they live in a world where everything can be achieved by just talking. Wouldn’t that be great if it was possible? Anyway, now that we know it isn’t possible, what do we need? ACTION.

1. What does Success require?

Success requires hard work, it requires you do the reps, it requires that you put in the effort. Don’t confuse talking with planning, of course, I want you to plan, a goal without a plan is just a wish, failing to plan is planning to fail and so on. All I want is you to not be a loudmouth and start off by telling your dreams to everyone, if you make good progress, when you start taking some action towards your goals, everyone around you will start taking notice. But, never forget success is a journey.

take action every day

2. People will start believing in you.

The natural instinct is to ask ‘HOW?’ Well, what happens is when you just simply stop talking and start showing results, positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, at least you went in there and tried, people around you will be more convinced to see that, instead of you just talking around aimlessly what you WANT TO DO but now you know WHAT YOU MUST DO in order to make that dream a reality, that’s when people start taking believing you. Do you know why you do, what you do?

believe in yourself

3. Is it going to be easy?

I never said that it’s going to be easy. I probably never will, instead of just talking about it, start acting every day to make it a reality it takes a huge amount of effort and hard work, does it mean you will never make it? Absolutely not. Understand the difference between talking, planning, and action. If you talk about your goals, good, your half job is already done, at least, you know what you want to do, most people don’t even know what they want and move aimlessly in their lives.

no easy ways

Now make a road map, plan out how can you achieve it.

success road map

Let your success do the talking part for you. If you attain a little progress each day, believe me, people around you will notice it within no time.

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