Life Changing Quotes To Inspire Your Days

1. Everyone just won’t understand your journey.

Don’t expect even a single compliment or a piece of appreciation from anyone when you’re in your grinding stage, just keep working, keep grinding and keep hustling. One of the things that I learned from one of the seminars of Jim Rohn, “Self-congratulations is a sign of maturity, seeking congratulations is a sign of immaturity”. Not everyone can understand the path you’re embarking on, so, stop looking for appreciation and get back in the game, your success will make noise for you. We forget these simple quotes that can help us keep our heads down in tough times.

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2. Gratitude is the best attitude.

Woke up in the morning? Be thankful for it, many couldn’t. Had a breakfast? Be thankful, many cannot afford. Reading this blog? Be thankful for those eyes that you have, many are not gifted with it. Here is the best one, have a heartbeat? You still have time to make your dreams come true. The list can go on forever, find things that you’re thankful for, every day. There is so much to experience, give someone a smile, you’ll feel good. Do something every day for which you’ll thank yourself in the future.

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3. Never give up.

We all have heard this one before, but this one will forever be the toughest one to follow. Whenever failure knocks you down, it’s hard, isn’t it? Learn to live with the victory, believe me, you will never settle for a defeat again, your hunger for victory should be bigger than your fear of failure. I’ve learned in my life that winning is not something which is reserved for the only special among us if you’ve worked hard enough for it, you can be a winner.

Never give up quotes  motivation everyday
Before you give up.

4. This is the moment.

Words like ‘tomorrow’, ‘later’, ‘maybe’ or ‘I will’, has no significance when we talk about success. Thinking about why I said ‘I will’ has no place? Well, my ideology is ‘now or never’ if you cannot do it right now, you never will. I never can trust myself enough that ‘I will’ do it tomorrow, whatever it is, do it now. The perfect time will never come, but if you take the moment and when you’ll look back, it will be perfect. Set some high standards for yourself, give yourself deadlines and congratulate yourself when you meet them, watch your life changing.

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5. Don’t look for shortcuts.

Get fit in one week, lose fat in 30 days and transform your life in 10 days. Do you think you can see the results that quick? It takes years to get something, sometimes decades. Stop looking for shortcuts and start working now. Don’t be a fan of results. Anything worth to have will be worth the struggle. I’m never going to say it’s impossible, but I don’t want to give false hopes that it’s going to happen real quick, efforts stack up and sometimes keep stacking up, because dreams are called dreams for a reason, they are huge, sometimes really huge and it takes time for them to become a reality.

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Bonus Quote

6. What your journey is all about?

We respect every human, we respect their journeys, we understand it takes time, courage, dedication and all the words of wisdom put together to make an inch of your journey so, why not to share it with the other hustlers who are going through the same grinding phase, as you’re going through and inspire them? Feel proud of yourself, always. One day you when you will tell your story it will become part of someone else’s survival guide.

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Share this with the world, you never know who you’re inspiring.

I hope you like these quotes enough to inspire you.

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