How To Stay Strong After a Defeat?

Let me state it in the beginning only, I would never want you to taste a defeat but the harsh reality is that there is no such thing as a smooth mountain. Just as there are deep valleys and high mountains, life has its own ups and downs.

how to stay strong after a defeat

I don’t know why people treat failure as such a negative thing, I see failures as the only stepping stone, as the only learning experience. Look at any famous personality you’ll see in that their history has a long list of failures and that’s just another way to motivate yourself that it’s completely okay to fail. Let’s get straight to it, did someone ever tell you that what you are going after is going to be an easy accomplishment? This answers almost everything that you don’t need to feel disheartened with the harsh reality of life hitting you.

So, now the question comes why you shouldn’t feel disheartened and always keep going? How do you answer this question? Let’s find out.

1. Fear of failure should not bother you.

Winning is easy, you’re happy for yourself, your friends are happy, your family is happy and it’s easy to wake up the next morning with a smile on the face.

But what when you face a defeat? You have to start all over again and that painful moment of defeat keeps haunting you and doesn’t leave your mind, so what needs to be done? Overcoming anything is a time-consuming process and overcoming a defeat is just one of them.

Start small, regain your lost confidence, do what you’re confident about and ace those things. Nobody is judging you unless you let them judge you. As mentioned its okay to fail, keep repeating this to yourself and as Les Brown said, “It’s not done until I win“.

accept failure but not trying motivation everyday

2. At least you tried.

Well, I personally would applaud myself for jumping in and trying it out, it doesn’t matter what the result came out because in life not always it is that you will win. The fear of failing or the fear of not being prepared should not stop you from trying out new stuff because that fear starts paralyzing you, you will miss half of the fun of life.

You can give yourself a pat on the back that you don’t quit before starting.

Now be ready to face that next challenge in which life is going to serve you because there ain’t no way that life is going to leave a warrior like you, warriors face defeat and come back even stronger.

success stay strong occupation motivation everyday

3. No pain, no gain.

Why do we forget these old sayings when we need them the most? Why everyone around instead of encouraging us with these things tends to become so negative at the most crucial moments?

Well, to be honest, I don’t have answers to these questions maybe that’s just how it is designed to be, however, I do know one thing no pain, no gain and its complete validity with being a universal law.

You have to take those chances, take some pain in order for you to gain big because when it does happen you will be like WOW QUE RICO (WOW DELICIOUS).

winning and losing motivation everyday

In the end, life happens, not everything goes well planned, even the best-laid plans fail, the people you trust the most leaves and when it all seems to end just remember there is that person in the world who will always care for you, maybe the love of your life, your parents or whoever that person may be.

Even if you don’t have anyone always have faith that your choices are the best choices for your life.

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