How to Stay Productive under Quarantine?

In a matter of weeks, our days are completely turned upside down. We all used to wish for a long break, but I don’t think anyone ever wished for such a break where we are locked inside our homes. All the sporting events are canceled, you can’t go out to eat, you can’t meet your friends, virtually everything’s closed, isn’t it?

If you’re young, you might be in a habit of spending most of the time outside and this self-quarantine is a little disorientating experience for you, isn’t it? Well, if it is, now is the time to reframe and refocus, here is a list of activities that you can do to keep yourself busy, engaged, and entertained during this period of self-isolation.

Here is a message of Hope:

Now that you’re positive enough about this self-isolation, let’s get started with the blog:

Movie Marathon

Well, we’re stuck for at least 4 weeks now, so it finally is a time to reminisce about our childhood? How about completing the Harry Potter series again? If not, there are countless other marathons to complete. If you’re not a marathon kind of person, it’s okay, think about all the movies you have been postponing because of your work, now is the time to watch all of those movies and relax. Don’t let this lockdown get to your head, it’s not okay to PANIC! Am I asking you to watch movies for the whole period of lockdown? No, of course. However, it’s absolutely fine to unwind for a day or two, after all, this article is just getting started and we will talk about other things that you can do during this quarantine. 

movie marathon during quarantine

Go green

Obviously, I am not asking you to go out and plant trees. (Excuse me for my poor humor) What I am asking you to do is ‘Eat Green.’ If you’re from a country which has been locked down for at least 4 weeks, it’s easy to choose poor eating habits with the gyms closed as well, how are you going to compensate now? Do I need to remind the importance of eating green? We all have been hearing this since our childhood, so quit making excuses and eat healthily.

Now, don’t choose a fruit-snack(overloaded with sugar) over actual fruits, any ordinary fruit snack can have as much as double the calories and it’s a big no. For a dessert, choose Yogurt mixed with your favorite fruit over ice-cream, I think you get the idea of why it’s important to choose healthy over anything else.

Yes, it’s going to get boring during this quarantine period and with this boredom comes overeating habits, keep it on a check. Make sure you’re not eating more than you would usually eat.

Remember, one day this lockdown will be over, do you want to come out better or worse? Your choice.

A firm reminder to exercise daily! Finally, now you can exercise at any time of the day you want to, make the most of it. Which workout? There are millions of workout available on the internet, choose your weight and age and get started. No excuses, please.

quarantine eat right

Online courses

No, they are not boring. Whatever the situation is, learning should never stop. Now is finally the time to make a career switch you have always wanted, learn something you’ve always thought about, and get better at anything. I suppose all of you have an internet connection, make the most of it, it’s not going to do you any good by burning all of your data on endless scrolling, get better.

Who’s asking you to spend 8 hours in a single day on a course? Make small commitments initially if you fall for it, finish it off in a week. You may come across a passion you’ve never thought about? Honestly, if not now, when?

learn during quarantine

Work on Some Long-term Project

What is that one thing that had been in your mind for months or maybe years but you never did? Everyone has something that they have been procrastinating. Well, don’t do that anymore, plan it, execute it, and celebrate it. Probably this is the longest unplanned vacation you’ve ever received, utilize it to its maximum potential.

If you are thinking, what kind of long-term project? Maybe a painting you were working on or a half-finished book you were writing, finish it off. Learning a language and getting a certificate, learning a code language are all long-term projects you might’ve been working on but never got the chance to complete due to your work or college, now is the right time to finish them off.

Now is the time when you don’t have any extreme excuses to make, you’re literally isolated, so make the most of every opportunity.

learning during quarantine productive

Take care of your Mental Health

Certainly, you won’t be interacting with as many people as you used to, you’re working from home,  you’re maintaining social distancing, how do you stay mentally and emotionally healthy during the quarantine?

Self-care is not just about exercising, eating healthy, staying entertained. It’s more about engaging with the people you care about, learning new skills, keeping your brain fresh, taking an adequate amount of sleep, etc.

Do what makes you happy, learning a skill that you always wanted to learn will release happy hormones in your body that will make you feel good about yourself. Make a phone call to a friend you had been thinking about, spend time with family, spread kindness in this difficult time, do anything that can make a difference in your life or other person’s life, positively.

mental health during quarantine meditate self-isolation

Yes, it’s difficult when the whole world is under quarantine and staying home for a long period of time may prove extremely difficult; however, we’ll all go through this together. Just stay productive, spend time with your loved ones(even on-call is fine), have faith, stay positive, and take care of yourself that’s the most important part. Wash hands regularly, personal hygiene is crucial during the self-quarantine period.

One day, yes, one day this will be over and we’ll look at everything differently, we’ll learn how to cherish every little moment a little extra, isn’t it?

I don’t know how far is that day, no one does, but that day will be the most beautiful day of our lives. Stay safe everyone. <3

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