How to stay Motivated All day, Every day.

The way you think in the morning decides whether or not you will be motivated for the rest of the day. Motivation is something which is required by almost everyone at a certain point of the day, but sometimes we fail to find it or create it. What to do in that kind of situation? How do you stay motivated all day or at least stay a bit positive?

be positive and stay motivated motivation everyday

Motivation is just another mental thought. So how can you generate this mental thought that remains in your mind for the whole day? Here are 3 simple ways.

1. Control your thoughts.

As mentioned in the beginning, the way you think in the morning matters a lot and it really does. As soon as you wake up, you let your thoughts wander and, for the people who get hooked to their screens just after they wake up they let their thoughts to wander in social media. Relax and control your thoughts, what I mean here is, think something positive, be grateful that you have eyes to read and see, ears to listen, water to drink and other countless blessings. Most importantly be thankful that you have this beautiful day to live and another opportunity to make your life worth remembering. This grateful attitude will generate happiness and when you’re happy, you’re more likely to perform better in your tasks.

2. Learn to say good.

It is not always things will go as you want them to go, right? We all will face adversity and say, “life is difficult”. I want to ask you ‘who said it was going to be easy?’ I practice saying when something bad happens, like when I was rejected in my theatre auditions, I said, “Good, now I got some time to practice more and improve myself.” In this life there is no losing, there are only experiences or lessons and winnings.

tomorrow is good motivation everyday motivated

3. Don’t sit in pain.

“Many people don’t get success, not because they set high targets and miss, but because they set low targets and hit”, Michelangelo Buonarroti said it. It is absolutely correct, we moan and we groan, but we are afraid to change our situation, we sit in pain, the pain of financial stress, pain that clogs our vision for a better life. I ask you to stand up and make a decision today to change your life and when it gets difficult ‘Learn to say good.’

Always remember it is okay to fail, but you cannot let that failure bother your performance, always give your best, never get discouraged and whenever you feel disappointed or demotivated, understand the fact that you have fought till now and you have done amazingly well in those tests of life. Always look on the bright side of your life.

There will always be something to smile for, just stay motivated and work.

stay motivated motivation everyday

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