How to Never Give Up?

In life, a point will come when everything will become meaningless. The odds will be against your favor and you will find yourself in a hopeless situation. Everything will turn bleak and futile. Your spirits will turn weary, your heart will persuade you to surrender. Darkness will overpower your mind and the idea of giving up will fill you with solace.

How to Overcome Such Situations?

Now, this is the point when you got to hang on. It’s the point when you’ll have to close your eyes, gather your spirits, and tell yourself that this is not how it’s going to end. It’s the point when you need to remind yourself that you are the writer of your story and you did not begin writing it to compose a tale of defeat, tragedy, and surrender. It’s the point when you tell your heart that you will fight until your last breath. It’s the point when you command your soul to gather its strength. It’s the point when you tell yourself that you are a man of courage and you possess the will to keep going no matter what. Uniting your shattered spirits can be a daunting task but once you succeed in doing that, you will turn invincible.

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Don’t Give up

Remember that giving up is not an option for you. You are allowed to bend but you are not allowed to surrender. You are allowed to weep but you are not allowed to get consumed in the sorrows of life.

Talk to Yourself

Keep telling yourself that you are a piece of creation and you are no ordinary creation. You are that special being that fights, that wins, that rises, that inspires.

Don’t Let the World Judge You

Don’t let the world subjugate you because you are unique or different. Celebrate your uniqueness, don’t mourn it.

Remember, you are the writer of your story and you didn’t begin writing to compose a tale of sadness and pity.

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