How to get out of your Comfort Zone?

We rarely think about what’s limiting our potential and the main reason we never reach our potential is that we’re afraid, we have fears and we are no way near to addressing them.

Fear is natural and it is these fears that help us grow and become a better person. Every time we decide to address those fears, we grow, we choose to leave our comfort zone and the next uncomfortable thing becomes a lot easier to address.

Every day we wake up, we find certain things we want to do, there’s always something in the back of our head, but we won’t, maybe out of fear we don’t do them. Do those things deliberately, every day. No matter how small those things are, just do them.

Slowly but gradually you will start to become a person who is solution-oriented, the kind of person who is obsessed with finding solutions to every problem or every task, not an excuse.

A simple example would be- If you’re afraid of one of the biggest fear in world ‘Glossophobia’ the fear of public speaking, get in front of the camera, record yourself, how about starting with “3-minutes” only? Think about how those 3-minutes will change your life over the next few months.

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Harsh Reality

There was a class debating about whether a person should work within their comfort zone or not.

What do we do? “Sit, eat, sleep, walk, talk and every other action in the way that is comfortable to us. Anyway, the work is done, why do we need to get out of our comfort zone?” a student said.

That’s the truth, isn’t it?

Suddenly a shrill voice was heard, “Success and hard-work is not any other action. If it was easy as walking and talking every other person would be successful. Your work will be done. But that will not be 100% performance. The difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ is just that little extra.”

There was pin-drop silence in the class.

That ‘little extra’ is achieved when we move out of our comfort zone when we decide ‘average’ is not for us when our desire to win is stronger than the fear of failure.

little extra motivation comfort zone

So, what to do?

Knowledge, knowledge is the key to getting to that ‘un-comfortable zone.’ There’s no losing anyway, it’s all experiences and lessons in life.

You have to experience as much as you can in this amazing voyage of life, life is nothing but a grand adventure, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, why not to live a little extra today?

You won’t regret the chances you took, but surely you will regret the chances you didn’t take. Conquer your fears, an opportunity lies in the challenges that scare the crap out of you and turn you inside out.

Agree to something you wouldn’t usually consider, start conversations with strangers, ask the questions other people don’t like to and whatnot. Even if it doesn’t work out, you will end up learning something new and that is exactly what you should be looking for.

In the end, take nothing for granted. You will learn something from your sufferings as much as you will learn from your success. Failing in a test, break-ups, friends turning into strangers, you name it… Everything will teach you something.

It is when you start not taking these things for granted, you grow and learn. Always remember, knowledge is the key, keep learning and keep experiencing.

get out of your comfort zone

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