How To Embrace Your Flaws?

We all have heard a phrase from our childhood that ‘Nobody is Perfect’. Everyone has some flaws in them and it’s absolutely true we all are born with some flaws, but it doesn’t mean that we have to die with our flaws. As we all are born with the power of acceptance, so similarly we have to accept our flaws as well and one should be proud of it.

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Yes, it’s okay to be less than perfect.

But it seems now that nobody in this imperfect world wants to accept themselves in their own way, everybody is just focusing on how to be a pure perfect person. Let me ask you all a question- Why to become a perfectionist in the world which is imperfect in itself? But yes I somehow know the answer to this question which is that we ourselves do not want to become perfect we just follow the hollow advice and opinions of others so that we can be accepted by them. Another point which arises here is that when we can hear and accept the opinions or advises of others then why can’t we simply accept our flaws and love them?

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Here are the following ways which will help you to love yourself and embrace yourself more:


The first step in admitting your flaws is to know about them. One should be aware of those things in which they are not confident. After the acknowledgment of the flaws one should proudly admit them, however, things will take time, we will also take time in acknowledging and accepting our flaws but once they are accepted, a person can notice the change in their lives themselves.

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The second step is to create and to tell stories of your lives through your flaws. In short ‘LET YOUR FLAWS SPEAK”. These flaws will help you to make things more creative and more beautiful. In this way, the process of communication of flaws will go on and will make a change in the world.

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Whatever your flaws or weaknesses are, there are some people out there who have overcome them their flaws and have accepted them. So find your role models follow them and study about them. It will surely help you all to overcome your weakness, and all your weaknesses will be converted into strengths. I understand it’s hard to find inspiration in someone when you yourself are suffering, but learn how to see things in a different way.

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The most important step in the acceptance of flaws is to love your body the way it is. We all should thank god for giving us this beautiful life. Just look outside and see those people who are handicapped and learn from them the way they have accepted themselves and their flaws. So all of you out there, accept your flaws and be happy because life is too short to not be happy. Don’t place your happiness in people who are temporary in your life, learn how to create your own happiness.

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In order to accept our flaws, we need to find happiness in it. Acceptance will surely take time, but once we have accepted ourselves and started loving ourselves for what we are then I can assure you that nobody on this planet will be able to take away our happiness or our strengths. Do not listen to other’s, because we all are perfectly unique in our own way. Give your haters a smile and move on!

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The next important thing is to give importance to our heart. Try to understand what your heart is saying and follow it passionately. Let you define your flaws. Do not let your flaws define you. Be proud of yourself and start loving yourself because till the time you won’t love yourself, nobody else will.

In the end, I would like to say BE YOURSELF, BE PROUD and BE FLAWLESS.

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