How to Deal with Depression?

Everything is out there, all the information and the knowledge about what can cure depression, for instance, talking to a friend, exercising or simply just going out should help a little; however, these basic things feels like a mountain to climb when you’re depressed or sad.

You start to isolate yourself from the people you used to enjoy hanging out with and even start to avoid a simple chat. Killing time seems to be the best option available by sleeping, scrolling endlessly on your mobile device and the most dangerous of all, getting lost in your own negative thoughts.

Depression is an episode of life which everyone comes across at some point in their lives. Does it mean you give up though? Absolutely not. It’s better to talk about it than to hide it. 

The best advice remains is to be active, don’t just keep sitting because that is only going to worsen the situation. You see, you’re the only one who can do something about your situation, no one is going to come and rescue you.

Do something that makes you feel good about yourself and if you find it, increase the amount of that activity. It’s the same as learning to walk again after your leg is broken, it takes time, effort and a little bit of help from others.

Taking responsibility is only the first step, surely the hardest as well. But before you start your journey of curing and addressing your depression, you need to accept that you need help and that you are suffering from some sort of mental illness.

Depression is not a sign of weakness or a character defeat, it’s an illness that can be cured, make recovery the only option.

Now, I’m not going to ask you to dress up and show up because that’s a lot to ask, but can you just get out of your bed and dance to your favorite music? Is that something you can do? I know it sounds dumb, but these little things are something that can make a huge difference in your overall mood.

Stressing can ruin it all.

The results are not always immediate, it takes time to upbeat the mood and feel good about yourself, but you can at least start today.

The first way is to start doing things that you feel good about or used to feel good about. 

I know there are a lot of stressful events going on in your life that makes you feel vulnerable and depressed, but nothing is going to change if you constantly put it on yourself. See, allowing yourself to feel about those events is absolutely okay, but if you keep on stuffing those emotions you will start feeling miserable for your life eventually more depressed.

Reach out to a friend with whom you can talk about your depression and the events that are bothering you. If that seems a lot to do simply journaling can help, whatever that works for you just get involved in the activities that can steadily build a way out of your depression.

stress depression


If it’s a person who had hurt you to a point where you feel like killing yourself for the mistakes you’ve committed and meeting them in the first place seems like a mistake, how do you choose the path of forgiveness and moving on? It doesn’t even sound easy, how to practice it?

But, before that I want to tell you if a person has stopped talking to you or did something wrong to you, you know what you should do?

Understand that it’s their loss, it’s inevitable to think you’re nothing and half of a human being without them, but the reality is that you’re much better off without them if they don’t have the time to think about you, walk off. Find someone who will give you the time, one day they will look back and apologize for what they did. Just walk off, go to the gym, study harder, work harder, do whatever that makes you feel better about yourself.

First, of many, allow yourself to be drifted away or carried away by your thoughts, don’t place moral judgment on your thoughts. Depression isn’t wrong, don’t act like it’s wrong, it is how you act in your depression which decides if it’s wrong or not. So, allowing your thoughts to come and go will help you decide which thoughts are necessary for your improvisation, the process is long but it is worth it.

Be like water my friend soft, weak, gentle, yielding, fluid let yourself enter into your mind palace where you previously excluded yourself to enter because you placed moral judgments. How about stepping into the feet of the people who hurt you, feel how they were feeling when they committed those acts? Do you see a difference now? Maybe you will if you let go of your anger for a while.

Would you not blame others for a while?

I mean, why not take responsibility for your own part? This is because when you take responsibility for your part, you allow not only to understand their issues, but also to learn from the experiences. Even though they did something wrong, was there anything that you did from your side? Stop blaming or whining for what has happened and learn from the experiences because that is what is necessary to grow.

forgiveness healing depression

Get off social media.

Look, you don’t need to get consumed into that fake appealing world that looks promising on the outside with endless scrolling and smiling faces, more than half of them are not even real.

Using social media is not only related to depression, but it also contributes to a lot of things that are indirectly related to depression, like fear of missing out, loneliness, anxiety, self-esteem, autonomy, and self-acceptance.

Every time you log on, you activate a lot of social comparisons which again makes you feel vulnerable.

One of the commonly suspected reasons for why social media contributes to feelings of jealousy and missing out on experiences is that many people only post the ‘highlights’ of their lives online and keep unflattering real issues they may be facing in their lives, isn’t it true? We run away from the issues that are actually haunting us.

A simple solution is to limit the use of social media and let yourself know when it is getting on your nerves. Instead of scrolling endlessly and checking up on other people, find yourself a hobby to get better at every day, you never know when your passion will turn into glory.

social media depression
What’s appealing on the screen might just be fake in real life.

Depression is challenging, it gets even more challenging when we look at it as a summit to conquer, you set goals that might not even seem realistic at the moment. Let’s see how to get things done.

Set small goals.

Whether you’re a student or a working professional if you’re depressed, studying or working will seem like a daunting task, it is when everything feels like it’s falling apart. So, how to get things done?

Break things down into smaller tasks and try to get it done before thinking about the next task. For example:

  1. Get out of bed.
  2. Have a shower.
  3. Get dressed.
  4. Have your food.
  5. Head off to work.

I know, it is not easy to get out of your bed when you’re in depression. But, give yourself a pat on the back if you get out of your bed, it is an accomplishment. However, don’t go down on yourself if you’re unable to keep up with your schedule, it’s okay.

one thing at a time bruce lee

Practice Mindfulness

This is a tricky one because when you’re in depression your thoughts get carried away more often and most of those thoughts are negative which only suck out your soul.

There are many ways by which you can practice mindfulness.


I learned this while practicing meditation that keeping your focus only on your breaths can help a lot. Visualize how your lungs are filling up, diaphragm moving up and down, the more details you add, the better it gets.

Try to distract your mind from negative thoughts as much as you can and if you struggle to visualize these acts, there is a simpler way, count your breaths and visualize the numbers as you’re counting.

The simplest thing that you can do is to think of a calm and safe place, being with someone whom you can trust, this will help you to generate positive thoughts.

Use your senses

Distracting yourself with the details is the best thing you can do because then you learn to appreciate your surroundings and your own body as it is a glorious vessel that can take you places.

Close your eyes and open them after 2-3 minutes, look around and add details to your description which you never did.

Perhaps, looking at the floor in the way you never did, how does it feel to walk on it would be a good thing to start with. What color is the wall? How much value does anything that is around you adds to your life? Don’t you feel blessed for having the eyes to read and see everything that is around you?

The more details you add, the more you will be able to drift away from those negative painful thoughts.

soul depression

Take examples, you’re not the first person who got into this, and certainly, you’re not the last person who is depressed. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have recovered from this situation if they can recover, you can as well.

Remind yourself that recovery is possible. Many people have had similar thoughts and feelings about suicide when they were depressed, and they survived – even people who have tried to take their lives multiple times when they were feeling miserable have been able to recover.

Look on the bright side because when you will come out of this you will be a much better version of yourself, you will know how important it is to open your doors for someone who is in need, caring for others, listening to them, you will know the importance of applying a cold cloth until a fever breaks that’s how you learn.

There’s always hope, have faith, all the best.

have faith in depression

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