How to Avoid Negative People?

 “Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.”

Well, not literally, it may not happen every time, just like anything else it’s arbitrary. However, what it meant was that negative people drain your energy and you should limit your time spent with them.

Sometimes the only option you’ll have is to walk away, yes, it hurts, but think about all the strength we gain from walking away. There are relationships that we cherish the most like family members, best friends, lovers, etc. and think that they’ll last forever, that is not always the case.

Why is there a need to walk away?

If anyone makes you feel unworthy… if they took the life out of you for a moment… they showed you that NO ONE can EVER take all the life from you in the long-term. They gave you strength and character. They expanded your heart.

Toxic or negative people(if you may) want to be the king of the castle, they want everything to be under their control. They criticize, judge, and oppress. They love it when the people around them are small and manageable, they thrive on this ability.

Truth be told, 24 hours are all we have, do you think you have the time to spare for the negative people around you? No.

leave negative people
walk away

When to leave?

Signs are always clear, that person won’t just feel right maybe it’s their behavior, emotional abuse or physical abuse, criticism, lying, etc. Are you brave enough to accept these signs?

What’s the point of being with a person doesn’t matter friend, family or a lover who doesn’t even appreciate your presence or ‘you’ as a person.

Signs will be all over the place, it’s just you who have to accept them. Instead of spending nights in loneliness or quiet heartbreak, do something about your situation. Misery is never a solution, misery should not be a way of living, life is meant to be lived in celebration.

No matter how hard is ‘leaving’ if you find yourself in a continuous need for emotional support, it is time to leave the person behind and start living a life full of beauty.

leave and walk away negative people

What if toxic people are your family?

Often times we’re bounded with the toxic people in our lives with the bond of love. No matter how energetic or positive you are, you just don’t seem to have the energy to leave that toxic bond of yours. Every day we go out of our homes with the baggage of emotions that our family throws at us and that blood relation doesn’t let us get away from it.

We’re taught from childhood to stay true, loyal, and respectful to our family, we every day carry their secrets silently.

These things are true, but don’t things change?

Yes, they do. At some point you need to stop and realize that you need to change, you need to realign your thinking process, you need to change your belief system. Love and loyalty have nothing to do with submission towards your family.

Learn that you need to grow and the only way to grow is to stop going to the people that hurt you…even if it’s your family.

It’s never a bad thing to leave, I’ve moved out of many people’s lives, of course, many have moved out of mine as well, that’s just the way it is. You think that you will make memories with the people around you for the years to come, but it just won’t work out that way. That is okay. There will always be new people, new aspects, a new perspective, and a new you ready to be discovered.

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