How to Achieve Success?

I’m not going to babble about stuff like, follow this routine to achieve success or do this every day for a decade, and you will get what you want, but rather I want to ask you is ‘What is success to you?’ I want you to take a paper and write everything you know about success, success is different for every person. What is success to me might not mean anything to you? For one owning a Lamborghini is success, and for another getting straight As in his/her report card is success. Once you’re done defining success for yourself, you can go on and read ahead.

Here are 5 simple everyday tips that you can follow to achieve success in your life, but remember success is a journey, not a single day thing.

Give up being cool on social media.

It’s one of those essential lessons that I’ve learned early in my life, what I’m trying to say is give up being unnecessarily hooked to social media. Nobody cares how many likes you’re getting or how popular you’re there, I’ve seen people uploading whole galleries of where they’ve been to in their vacations, seriously? Who cares. If you’re sharing your achievements on your status or in your stories, I will suggest you to not do it. You’re doing nothing, but making other people feel uncomfortable about himself or herself. Remember the golden rule? Fewer announcements, more moves.

I’ve written more about social media, click here to read.

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There is no point in not being the real you.

Do not procrastinate.

Never procrastinate, we wish a lot and hope it falls in our laps, did it ever happen? No. I’m a big fan of hard work, there is nothing that can beat hard work, from F grades to A grades, from the bottom of the mountain to its summit, what cannot hard work do?

It’s all just a lot of work, once you decide what you want to do, there should be no room for procrastination, you’re good to go, it takes 21 days to build a habit, keep working for 21 days and then it will be much easier for you to follow.

do not procrastinate and achieve success and thank yourself motivation everyday

Give yourself 10 minutes in the morning.

Do not just wake up and get hooked to your cellphone, you have a whole day for that. Relax, you deserve some time with yourself, you just woke up!

What to do -:

  • Stretch your body a little bit.
  • Have a lukewarm glass of water.
  • Meditate at least for 5 minutes.
  • Make a priority list of the tasks that need to be done urgently.
  • Smile in the mirror.

Now, the last point rings a bell, right? There is a magnificent amount of power in your smile and when you smile in the mirror, you’re creating positive vibes around yourself, you’re preparing yourself for the whole day, you’ll be more confident and you’ll probably stay positive for the rest of your day.

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Have a vision.

Jim Rohn said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. You need to know what you’re getting into, keep your both eyes opened and not half-opened. Want to be a body-builder? Why not to look at yourself in the mirror and affirm that you’re a body-builder? It will bring that attitude in your mind. Body-builder was just an arbitrary example, you can do this with whatever you wanna be. Life is all about being able to see the bigger picture, working for something that only you can see and no one else. That’s called vision my friend.

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Never seek appreciation.

Again Jim Rohn said, “Self-congratulation is a sign of maturity, seeking congratulation is a sign of immaturity.” Isn’t it true? Set out goals for yourself and try to reach them on time and if you do, congratulate yourself but, if you do not, put it on yourself and punish. I call it self-evaluating plan, where you’re evaluating your own performance, isn’t it great to be your own boss? Not everyone likes your progress, so I guess, it is better to keep going and keep appreciating yourself. That’s one of those many lessons that you can from sports, that’s how sports helps in building your discipline and character.

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Now that you know some points, you can start forming your own beliefs and start taking notes of what’s working for you and what’s not. Evaluate every week, that’s the whole point, if something doesn’t work for you, give it up.

Let us know in the comments, what is the definition of success for you?

You’ve read so far, here is a video for you on ‘How to Achieve Success?’

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