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How Do You Define An Artist?

Artist? Oh, what do you do exactly? Do you sketch, do you paint or you just draw? That’s what comes into our mind, isn’t it? You don’t need to paint to be an artist.

Let me redefine the concept of an artist to you.

What if I tell you, we all are an artist? Some of you might agree with me, but, let’s just see why.

As I said we all are an artist, I believe this, because, I’ve seen everyone has some uniqueness, some opinions, some creativity, inside. No two individuals will ever be 100% similar, no two opinions will ever match, everyone would love to add something of their own. Even if you are doing a 9-5 job, I will call you an artist, regardless of what job you do, add something value to it. Artist is not always someone who uses a canvas, an artist is someone who does something in their own way.

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Just as you are an artist, unique and beautiful in your on way.

I wrote this quote a long time ago.

If you do something which is unique to you only, chances of you succeeding in it is 1/1.

What do you think? Isn’t it feel so good that what I can do, no one else can do? Find your uniqueness, be awesome at it, make it your passion and you will never work a single day in your life.

Being honest.

Just as leadership is not authority, it’s a choice, in the same way, being an artist is a choice, not something you are born with. You are given a task, it’s completely your choice how you’re gonna complete it.

Don’t settle.

It takes time to find out what you’re good at, why to settle for something that you don’t even want? Play gamble, keep trying, you will find it, maybe not as quick as others, but, you will one day.

In the end, I will say, don’t let the crowd take your creativity away, don’t let anyone ruin or take away your uniqueness, just because you wanna do something quick, do not be a part of the crowd.

Because the world outside is very noisy, it can ruin almost everything and anything.

When you were a child, you used to set high standards for yourself, because no one told you that you cannot do it, be a child forever.

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I understand that we all struggle with ideas, but what if we change the way we look at life? Let me know your views on it.

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