Everyone Is An Artist

I know the title says everyone is an artist, but it calls for a really simple question ‘Really, is everyone an artist?’ German artist Joseph Beuys gave this famous quote: “Everyone is an artist.”

And, he was obviously not talking about it in the narrow sense of the word, not everyone is a painter or a sculptor, but it calls for the amazing ability of a human being to be able to create amazing things and be creative with it. Whatever that feels natural to you can be done artistically, the human mind and potential have always been limitless.

That means you can be an “artist” chef, an “artist” leader, an “artist” blogger and even an “artist” mom. I absolutely love it when people do something in their unique way and become priceless at it.

I recently had the privilege to meet an artist, and not just an ordinary artist, a hyper-realistic artist. Her name is Aayushi Gajjar, and you can check out her work at @aayushiarts on Instagram. Hyper-realistic artists are very rare to find and even if you find one, it is very rare to find a young one, I was surprised that she has already done 4 exhibitions and also taking part in many international competitions. That’s not the only thing to say about her, she’s an Information Technology student and a graphic designer as well.

I was always intrigued by the fact that do we all have an artist inside? She gave me an insight on how it feels to be an artist and how differently do they see the world. Below are some things that were shared by her to me, so I decided to put them in a blog and share it with you guys.

Always be creative.

As said earlier whatever you do can be creative and should be creative, make it unique, make it irreplaceable. An artist always has to be on their toes, a lot of exhibitions, art galleries, competitions, etc. keep going in their lives, sometimes they even run out of creativity, but that doesn’t stop them. Observation plays a major role whenever you run out of creativity, observe people around you, observe nature around you, observe anything and everything and you will find your answers.

be creative motivation everyday artist

Be curious and insane.

I’m a fan of this quote:

Be obsessed about finding solutions to your problems.

It’s true, it’s not your obsession with your passion that will get you there, but your obsession of finding solutions to your problems that will get you there. We all fear something, but as long as you’re obsessed and willing to stay creative with your approach, you can move mountains.

It’s okay to have multiple hobbies.

Whenever something that we are doing with all our heart doesn’t work, it’s going to hurt us. Leave it for some time, you can always come back later, but what about doing at that moment something which you have been doing for quite some time? You’re gonna do it well, it’s going to do nothing, but get you back on track, set your morale high up again and will give you enough boost of energy to get back at what you were doing.

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Yes, everyone is an artist.

As long as you’re crazily, insanely chasing creativity, you’re an artist. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, chase uniqueness, chase creativity. Don’t try to be the best in the field, your creativity will speak for itself, your creativity and uniqueness will give you the title of the best. Everyone has their own level and field of creativity but renowned are those who make their creativity a hobby, a passion or a profession. We all are creative into one or the other way. It’s just that we need to identify it.

Life has its own way of giving rewards, but before it gives rewards, it tests the person, just be patient, don’t come under anyone’s pressure, it’s your life, design it by yourself, for yourself.

So how are YOU an artist? And what is YOUR art?

be creative artist motivation everyday

I once again thank very much Aayushi Gajjar for letting me use her experience and words for this blog and once again don’t forget to check out her Instagram, the username is @aayushiarts, make sure you follow her and show some support to this young artist.

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