Create Your Own Happiness

Happiness is something which we all want, but often get failed in achieving it. We all have different ways to define happiness but there is a one simple and a straightforward way to understand it which is ~


If we will think that we are sad and can not do anything for improving our situations or our circumstances then automatically we will have no reason to smile and to be positive. But when we will be the master of our thoughts then nobody can stop us from achieving our happiness and peace.

Life is full of ups and downs. There will be moments when you will not feel like doing anything but even in that situation never forget that-

You only see what you want to see, so why not to see anything positive?

People will come and go, difficult situations will come and go, seasons will be changing, but one thing that will remain constant during all such period is YOU. Realize the power that your smile has, it has healing powers, it can heal you and those around you as well.

When you find your happiness in external factors then you are not the master of your life and no one wants their life to be controlled by anyone else. So cheer up guys, I have a piece of good news for all of you that we can create our happiness solely.

We all have different interests and different perspectives, but there are certain following points which can be used to reach a positive state of mind to create our own happiness.

1. Be Proud of Yourself

Train your mind to find the positive by listing your achievements. Write down physical achievements, personal achievements, goals you’ve met, things you have done, and places you have visited. Too often we spend time thinking about what isn’t right with us instead of focusing on what’s right.

2. Start doing things which gives you pleasure-

Start doing the activities which give you joy and inner satisfaction. We all have various interests and hobbies, start playing with it and observe the change in you after spending time with yourself and your interests.

3. Express Gratitude-

Expressing gratitude is the best way to create our inner happiness. It not only helps us to be relaxed and happy but it also makes the receiver happy too. Nothing in this world comes free of cost, we have to pay for almost everything which we need but there are still some things which do not require any money or barter, what it simply requires is your Emotions, Feelings and Positive Attitude. Cherish those little moments, it is these little moments life is made up of.

The above three things are the most powerful weapons which came free of cost and can do wonders. So what are you all waiting for? GO AND BE THE OWNER OF SUCH POWERFUL WEAPONS because they are really limited.

4. Leave Negative thoughts and toxic people-

Never let any harmful negative thoughts and people affect you. Whatever is the situation, always remember that you are the owner of World’s most powerful weapons and they can not be taken by anyone, not even these useless thoughts. Try to calm yourself and surround yourself with the people who loves you.

The person reading this, yes, yes, you, your smile is really precious so do justice to it and SMILE MORE OFTEN and BE HAPPY.


We all have got one life, so why should we spend living it the way others want us to live? One life and One decision and that decision should not be the decision of anyone else. Do take suggestions, listen to everyone, but do what your heart wants you to to do.

We all know that every decision will have some pros and cons and we must be ready to accept it. When we will take decisions on our own it will help us in strengthening our confidence and will create a moment of joy and happiness for us.

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At last, always remember that~

Happiness is something you create. It isn’t just going to magically appear, you must create it.

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