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Everyone wants a happy life, a great family, an easy and a carefree life, the most important question about life is ‘Are you willing to suffer?’ Who doesn’t love positive, we crave for it!

What do you want out of life? Everyone would say:

  • I want to be happy.
  • I want a great family.
  • I want to have an amazing, loving relationship.
  • I want a good job.
  • I want to be popular.
  • I want to look good.

Everyone wants to have it, but the reality is only a few would work for it, and fewer would achieve it. Reasons are many, but the primary in my view is that people look at that glittering target they have in mind, and everything that comes with it, but what they don’t see is everything that needs to be done to get there, it is a journey that needs to be followed, so that’s why the majority of people would quit, they would give up, they will feel like they don’t have the resources to make it up to there and that’s the truth about the world today.

I’m not saying everything will be perfect on that journey, but we only learn from our failures, our setbacks, don’t we? It’s just about changing the way you see your failures, they’re only stepping stones, nothing more, nothing less. Whenever you’re given a choice between struggle and staying In your comfort zone, always choose struggle.

struggle motivation everyday

What struggle do you want?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just wake up rich, but in life, it just doesn’t work this way, you have to make your way up there. Now, what kind of way, or struggle you’re ready to suffer is up-to you. Some people choose a 40-hour easy week, some people grind their way with the 60-hour workweek. So, choose what you want, believe in your direction and do it. Because success is a journey, isn’t it?

Instant/delayed gratification.

Your answer to this topic will reveal a lot about you, what you desire more, instant gratification or delayed gratification? The world we live in today makes us desire more of instant gratification, but the person who can work knowing that the results will be there in the future will achieve more.

It’s just like desiring a better physique in the future, but the present self wants a donut. So, the person who withstands the desire of that donut will understand the value of delayed gratification, the pain might be bitter, but the reward is sweetest.

That is where procrastination kicks in, I mean, we don’t want to work on something for which the results are not certain, isn’t it? So, how do we overcome this tendency of procrastination? Click here to read my comprehensive guide on how to overcome procrastination.

set clear goals

Looking for happiness? Work for it.

If you want happiness for real there is a price that you will need to pay, it requires struggle, hard work, it requires all of you and for that you will need to get out of your comfort zone, as said above that you need to taste life for real and the reality is that it’s not easy to get what you want unless you’re ready to pay the price, working when everyone else is chilling is tough, but that’s how you get there. Self-discipline is all it’s going to take to get there.

It’s just like willing to lose weight without having to follow a strict routine for it. All those quotes that we’ve been hearing are true, I’m a fan of this quote ‘All those late nights and early mornings will pay you one day, just keep working.’ It actually gives you a sense of hope towards what you’re doing.

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Don’t fear failure.

We all are running towards something, everyone wants to make their mark on the world, let’s be honest, there is a big chance that you might fail, so what? ‘I failed’ is 10 times more of a man than someone saying ‘What if?’ This is what Greg Plitt said. A ‘What if?’ person will never try anything, he will forever be looking for ways to not do it, now are you willing to fail or are you looking for ways to avoid it?

Let’s take the worst case, you failed, but at least you tried, you learned something, you tried to follow the process, we all fail, we all are learners, we all are trying. In life, it’s about getting further and then hitting the finish line, it doesn’t matter how many times you failed or are failing, the only thing is that you’re not allowed to give up.

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It’s all about perspective, some may call it a failure, some call it an opportunity to learn, some just give up, some come back even stronger.

What you decide to do with your life is all up to you, but understand one thing, there is no time to waste in failing again and again if you’re not learning anything, always improvise and come back stronger and better.

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