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A Good Life

I started off with the point of “A good life”, but what is “A good life”? How do we create it? See, you have been given the gift of life, call it good or bad, it’s all up to you, what you make of it.

You need to use your imagination, then take action.

It’s all choices in life, how you make them creates your life, if you know what you’re going into, you need to keep your eyes fully opened, then and only then you will be able to get something out of it.

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As this quote says, life is what you make it, make it awesome.

Go silent, go deep accept that you’re unique.

I was shaken by this line I heard somewhere ‘do you have the courage to go to someone’s face and criticize them?’ Obviously, the answer is no. Then, why do we criticize ourselves almost every day?

You are unique, you’re a human, you are allowed to commit mistakes, but you’re not allowed to settle, to give up and to stop, never.

Learn to give.

You need to learn how to give without expecting anything in return. We have heard this line many a times, haven’t we? Why is it important? Well, imagine being selfless in this selfish world, won’t it make you stand out?

Start to listen more, practice being in the shoes of the person who is going through a rough time, and meditate, these practices will surely bring out the good in you.

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Keep love in your heart, always.

We all are going through some battles in life, always act kindly, treat people with kindness. Give someone a reason to smile today, you can never expect how it will come back at you, but one thing is sure, it will be in a really good way.

Your life is meaningful.

Understand this point, you matter. Your presence on this tiny little planet matter. Everything you do has an influence on someone’s life, do it wisely. Stop going down on yourself, your life will make sense one day, it is tangled, it won’t be forever. Love yourself, embrace yourself.

Here is a video that sums up what all you need for a good life, it’s your life, make it good, this is not a rehearsal, stop acting like it is one.

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