5 Tips to Improve Your Focus

We all struggle with losing our concentration and focus on our work and struggle as a consequence to regain it. ‘Focus’ is not something which only the special amongst can achieve, let’s refer focus as a muscle, you can actually ‘build’ it.

It’s all about having the right tools, mindset, and resources to build it.

Below are 5 simple tips that can help you improve your focus immediately.

Set your priorities.

What most people struggle with is setting priorities due to which they start multi-tasking and they lose focus over their major objectives. Every other job that we do requires us to multi-task but when you do multiple tasks you lose focus over something that is important and spends a considerable amount of time to regain that lost focus. It’s good if you can prioritize your stuff beforehand so that you avoid wasting your time and focus.

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.

set clear goals on purpose

Clean your surroundings.

The more of the stuff you look at, the more likely you are going to get distracted. Just put everything away you have around in your drawer for the time being and now try to focus on your work. Just keep it nice and simple so that you don’t think about anything else subconsciously because it’s going to affect your work ethic.

Take a break from electronics.

If you feel like listening to music adds up to your ability to work, you might be wrong with this fact. Everything on that radio from songs to news can seep into your consciousness and cause you to lose focus. Turn off your browser if you’re not using it anymore, put your notifications on silent if possible and there are many applications that can lock your phone if it is an addiction that you keep checking your phone frequently.

Whatever you do just don’t let social media consume you.

Naps can be steroids for your brain.

There is absolutely no doubt that the people who sleep less, concentrate less. Remember that time when you were sleepy in that class? I bet you were more than happy that it was over.

If that’s the case with you naps can be used because it prepares your brain for the upcoming tasks that you’re going to take over.

Planning is the key here.

You just cannot jump into the stuff for which you have not planned, take your time for planning and make up your mind. This can be related to the famous saying that goes ‘If I am given 1 hour to cut a tree, I’ll spend 40 minutes to sharpen my axe’.

Planning not only gives you a layout of how you will go through the task but it ensures that you will not be thinking of any other activity during that period of time and then there is no room of losing focus.

Focusing is easy when you know what your goals are; however, set achievable goals and ‘know your limitations at first, otherwise, setting over-optimistic goals can hurt at times. Once you know what you want to do with your life and you want it bad enough, you will be more focused by default.

It’s not just the ‘lack of focus’ we suffer with. There are many more things like procrastination, excuses, depression, being positive, etc.

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