5 Sure Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

Here we are again, Monday. You’re on your way to work, college or anywhere and you still cannot believe that it’s Monday. Just as your colleague wished you “Good Morning” you had the thought of stabbing him, but remember, stabbing people is wrong! That’s my motivation to deal with Mondays. (Jk)

I know Monday sucks, but how to make it interesting? How can we make Mondays the most interesting day of the week? Well, maybe we cannot, but can we at least make it tolerable? Of course, we can!

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I know, it sucks but it’s inevitable.

As a matter of fact, if you stick to this blog you will find why you’re having Monday Blues!

Let’s see how you can you deal with your Monday and turn your Monday into the most productive day of the week.

First, let’s see why Monday is the bad guy in your week, why not the other days?

It’s simple you’re shifting from a non-work day that you enjoy, Sunday,  to a workday that is the beginning of your workweek!

Another possible reason can be, you indulged yourself too much into the fun part of the weekends and now your anxiety is rising up for the workweek and all of these are coming back to haunt you.

Well, the reasons are many, let’s face it you’re not the only one who hates Monday, so let’s see how to make it interesting!

Do Something Exciting On Your Weekends.

This is something which is going to help you in the long run as well. What I actually mean is that it is hard for anyone to take out time in their weekdays for their hobbies, so just ignore your work emails over the weekend and find something exciting to do. Sitting in front of your TV or just chilling isn’t going to help you.

Do something nice and fun, so that you’ll have something to tell to your colleagues or friends as well, an exciting story. Guess what? Who doesn’t love stories?  At least, I do. Channel your inner artist, that’s the whole point.

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Give Out A Compliment.

This is a little secret to happiness which I am revealing right here. Give out compliment! A single compliment isn’t going to hurt you. Happiness is contagious and we create it ourselves and when we give out happiness, it’s going to come back at us in one way or the other. The single best way to have a positive day, especially we’re talking about ‘Monday’ is to give out a compliment.

Wondering what compliments you can give? Okay, let me help you with that.

  • Say, nice T-shirt.
  • Say, you have a beautiful smile.
  • Say, you’re wonderful.
  • Say, your eyes are pretty.
  • Say, thank you, for anything they did for you.
  • Even a simple smile is enough.

Wondering why you need to give compliments? It generates that positivity right in the morning, Make sure to break up the day with some positivity – if people notice that you’re smiling and you’re enjoying your Monday, the good vibe will “infect” others as well! How cool is that?

smile monday morning motivation everyday

Inspiration is everywhere.

To be really honest, yes, inspiration is everywhere, it has to find you working. So, what’s your passion? No, really, you need to know what your passion is, that’s literally the only way to get out of any blue.

Obsession passion motivation everyday

Let me show you the reality of this cruel world or the system we’re in or maybe it’s just in the genetics. It takes 10,000 hours to get good at something! 10,000 hours is a lot. Want to know how much?

6 hours every day for 5 years straight without a break is equivalent to 10,000 hours!

3 hours every day for 10 years straight without a break will give you 10,000 hours!

1½ hour every day for 20 years will give you 10,000 hours!

But, hey, don’t be upset with your current position, it’s okay. It’s good to see the bigger picture, to look ahead at 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, but if you’ve started doing what you love, you will get better at it every month, forget a month even after 10 days you’ll see the results.

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Little steps add up.

Why did I make the last point? Why are we talking about the bigger picture in a Monday blues blog?

Because you need to live your life on purpose! Consistency is the key! You need to know where your life is going, as long as you have the excitement in the morning, purpose in your life, you will never really care about what day of the week it is. Still confused about how little steps add up? Okay, I guess, I’m just really good with the examples, here goes another one. (just kidding)

25 pages a day of a book will mean around 750 pages in a month, okay? That is almost 3 books in a month! And, around 36 books in a year. Still, you have an excuse for not finishing that last book you started? You have time, it’s just about consistency! And, that is exactly how little steps add up. Be obsessed with something that you cannot spend a day without doing it.


I know things got a little hyped up in those last two points, I am not against living weekends to the fullest, it’s the only night of the week you get for yourself and your fun part of the week. But, I’m against the mediocrity or the excuses people give.

I mean don’t complain about being fat when all you wanted was a double cheeseburger on that Saturday game night.

All I want to say is whatever you do just control the consequences.

stay positive stay focused stay strong motivation everyday
That’s in your control, every day.

Find out why your Mondays are blue, that’s the best way to help yourself and be the best at whatever you do. Maybe it is your career that’s bothering you or maybe a relationship that you’ve been trying to fix for far too long or maybe it’s just YOU!

Don’t try to live for Saturdays and Sundays, what’s wrong with the other days or even the Mondays? Don’t tolerate Thursday and Friday just so you can have Saturday and Sunday! Treat every day the same way and you will lead an amazing life. Again, Monday is not the bad guy of your story, just change the way you look at it.

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