4 Simple Tips to be More Productive

We all set new year resolutions, we all make some crazy time tables and not sure how many of us actually follow them? To be honest, being productive is a challenge, it’s just how it is now and around us as well, the world is distracting and noisy, but its never too late to start a change or is it?

Get inspired and start small

Believe me, no one can change you until you make a decision to change yourself, it’s better to let go of the fears that are holding you back. Just when you give up the fear of failure, you will be inspired, inspired to change and do more. No one is asking you to move mountains on the first day; however, start small and commit to growth.

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Anyway, here is a simple guide to help you go through these changes.

1. Don’t let your smartphone be the first thing in the morning.

Sounds simple enough but it’s kind of our routine now to just look for our phone even when our eyes are half-opened, change this habit. Open eyes(I mean it), drink water and stretch your body a bit as it wasn’t moving for at least 6 or 7 hours.

Your mobile device isn’t going anywhere, so get into the habit of nourishing your mind before you nourish your emotions and look for the messages and feed yourself with all those likes on your last post. Why? Because it won’t take you anywhere. Don’t let social media consume you.

2. Turn off all those buzzing sounds.

In simple, I mean, turn off all your notifications when you’re reading or just simply engaged in any other activity, I’m going to tell the truth, I have my phone on silent while I’m writing this blog, the world can wait while I’m engaged, don’t try to multi-task when you’re in the middle of something important. You won’t die if you do not answer their messages for another half an hour or so.

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3. Commute with a book.

I read somewhere ‘Reading is dreaming with open eyes’, rightfully said as when you read you are in another world and is surely better than just hovering or scrolling through the social feed on Instagram. Reading while commuting can be called as ‘Knowledge on the go.’

Think of it in this way “The time wasted in life.” You’re commuting and there’s nothing much to do except to look outside the window, do nothing, use the phone or to listen to the conversations of your co-passengers(which sometimes can be interesting, however). So, why not to carry a book while commuting and start with at least 5 pages, in the beginning, you will notice how productive you’re being.

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4. Get a life.

Well, don’t get offended and just start thinking about how you dare to question what I am doing with my life. What it means is to do something useful, do your future-self a favor, learn something useful. As earlier said, we are all set in our ways but it doesn’t mean you cannot stand out the crowd and explore something which is unexplored.

There are countless ways to change your life and be more productive. There’s not much to say about it, but a lot to do about it, identify your time-wasters and one by one eliminate them from your life to be more productive.

You’ve heard it all, but make sure you apply it this time and watch your life change and if excuses are something which you often find yourself making, click here and you will never make an excuse again.

It all comes down to you, how you’re going to develop efficient habits that you’ll check your phone less(uselessly) and learn more. Learning never stops, read as many books you can because books don’t need a battery.

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Start doing all exciting things with your life, learn that self-defense that you always wanted to learn, make new year resolutions and stay firm on them, learn that language or instrument you always wanted to learn and the list can go on forever and so does learning can go forever.

All I am asking you to not just let your phone be a “smartphone” be a “smart person” yourself and go on for different endeavors in life and keep learning.

The worst thing that you will ever have to deal with while trying to be more productive is procrastination, so I would suggest you go and read this complete guide on ‘How you can overcome procrastination?’ And, also a ‘Quick 2-minute fix to overcome procrastination’ to help you on your journey to being more productive.

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And, hey, as we’re entering the last year of this decade, here’s a small reminder, hope it helps.

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